An audiovisual exploration of upland ecosystems
John Wallace with Professor Pete Smith FRS, FRSE, FRSB
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Image: Robert McFadzean


Audience comments

“Very interesting – beautifully filmed.”

 “Excellent, heart-warming, satisfying, distressing.” 

“Familiar, thought-provoking, beautiful.” 

“Educative and really sensitive approach.”

 “Nostalgic, emotional, inspired.”

“Moved and intrigued by facts I didn’t know before.”

 “Connected, engaged and empowered.” 


"A peaceful yet discomforting rumination on people and landscape, it flows with passion and wisdom."

Malcom Jack, The Scotsman

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"They speak to the Anthropocene, that humans are affecting everything, without ever mentioning the term."

Chris Fremantle, Ecoart Scotland

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"But scratch beneath the surface and you will find a lot more going on."

BBC Online

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