An audiovisual exploration of upland ecosystems
John Wallace with Professor Pete Smith FRS, FRSE, FRSB
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The Same Hillside is a highly engaging way to learn about current issues affecting the rural, upland landscapes in the UK and the impacts human activity and climate change are having there. 

On this page, teachers and educators can find out more about specific areas of learning, suggestions for projects, and download lesson plans and worksheets.

Climate change and sustainability


Curriculum for Excellence - Experiences and Outcomes

Lesson plans and suggested projects




Climate change and sustainability

The presentation shows of examples of how man-made climate change is affecting the environment, and how people across industries including agriculture, water, forestry, transport, energy generation and conservation are working to adapt to our changing climate and contribute to work to help tackle climate change.



The Same Hillside and the School Curriculum

As well as promoting pupils’ expanding knowledge of the environment and the goods and services it provides, The Same Hillside offers a range of engaging, real-world examples that link to school education through the curriculum in

• Social Studies

• Science

• Health and Wellbeing

• Geography

• Biology

• Physics

• Ecology



Curriculum for Excellence - Experiences and Outcomes

Viewings, discussions and further activities relating to The Same Hillside can support work towards the following Experiences and Outcomes:

• Food and agriculture (HWB 0_35a; SOC 1-09a)

• Scotland’s landscape (SOC 2-07a)

• Environmental impact of human activity (SOC 2-08a) 

• Land use development (SOC 2-08b)

• Environmental impact of different journey types (SOC 2-09a) 

• Renewable and Sustainable energy (TCH 2-02b)



Lesson plans and suggested projects

Project – Land-Based Carbon Storage Calculator

For Higher and Advanced Higher Geography and Higher Environmental Science students
- .pdf 270Kb

CfE Early – Second
Water and Peatbogs - Outline Lesson Plan
- .pdf 105Kb

Water and Peatbogs – Pupil Worksheet
- .pdf 41Kb